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The Ovarian Monologues: Advice for Women Considering Egg Freezing


Hi Ladies,

If I had any words of wisdom that can help you think through whether or not to pursue egg freezing, it would be:

1. Be able to acknowledge, discern, and disregard the opinions and judgments of others so that you can clearly and intently listen to your own heart’s desire. It really is your life and your choice and only you know whether egg freezing is right for you!

2. If you do decide to move forward with egg freezing, find the right staff to see you through this process. Our natural inclination might be to just choose a clinic based strictly on their success rates. However, each fertility clinic’s success numbers don’t always indicate the quality of care and experience they have and that you’ll receive. For example, some clinics refuse challenging cases or only treat women who are 42 and older if they use a donor egg, which then skews their success rates to being higher. Or some clinics are much newer to egg freezing than others.

Because egg freezing is such a challenging process emotionally, mentally, financially, and physically, consider thinking of your future clinic as a partner. You don’t want to just feel like another number being herded through like cattle. Seek out a partnership with a clinic that you trust, treat you with dignity and compassion, have excellent communication skills, and feel have your best interests in mind.

3. Be kind to yourself. There’s only so much we can control in this world and we are often our worst critics. Remind yourself that your value stretches much deeper and wider than the ability to have children. If you decide to proceed forward with egg freezing, do the best you can do to care for yourself within the process. Sleep well, eat well, and exercise well. And commend yourself for taking a bold and courageous step!

Listen and trust your inner compass,


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