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“Elaine taught me that despite the challenges of infertility, there is still so much in life I should be grateful for. She taught me about self love and self care and that my worth is not determined by my infertility problems. I thank you Elaine for lifting me up during the time of my last embryo transfer!

“I took a short break from treatments while meeting with both a counselor and Elaine Wang. I worked on reducing stress, eating habits and my general well being. My entire journey took nearly two years. I didn’t even realize that I had so much to work on to get to where I am today. After several unsuccessful IVF cycles and really working on myself, I had finally gotten much more grounded and centered. I can happily say that the last try was a miracle and success.”

“For many years now I have been struggling with my weight – for most of my life actually. It felt like it was impossible to lose the weight, but now that I have been on this fitness program I know that it is not impossible. Elaine is wonderful! She helps me stay positive and helps me stay on track by checking up on me throughout the week. She follows up to check my progress and to answer any questions I might have.

This program is amazing because it really is a life style change it’s not just a quick fix diet – it really does change your life. Since I have been on this program I feel so much better both physically and emotionally. Going through infertility can be emotionally draining and even more so when you are overweight, but being on the program really has helped me. I have one healthy boy and another child along the way. “

“I cannot recommend Elaine enough! Going through fertility treatments is so physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially exhausting. I can say without a doubt, working with Elaine on the day of my transfer was worth every penny. Going through that process with her by my side, coaching my breathing, and encouraging me along the way was invaluable. Dr. Diaz and his team are great, but even with the best of science, so much of creating human life is out of our control. Having the mental and emotional support and tools from Elaine really made all the difference for me. I’m convinced our story would not be the same without her. I am forever thankful to her for helping our transfer day be a success which led to our now happy and silly toddler.”

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