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“Elaine is a highly professional and passionate teacher. She combines her expertise in yoga, dance, qigong, and tai chi to create uniquely personalized healing experiences for her students. She has a deep understanding of anatomy and disease, and uses this to guide her students to create lasting transformations of health in mind, body and spirit. Elaine is one of the kindest and most compassionate teachers that I have ever worked with.”

“Elaine’s classes are a wonderful integration of yoga, qigong, and dance principles. Each class had a clear theme and movement concept that was developed and interwoven seamlessly into the progression of class.

Her knowledge of anatomy and movement principles kept our bodies both safe and challenged at the same time. I always felt a deep shift in energy level, physical mobility, and mental clarity. “

“Elaine approaches everything that she does with creativity, conscientiousness, and care. She is deeply resourceful in her approach to teaching and continually integrates new information for the benefit of her clients. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectiously engaging.”

“Elaine Wang has been my professional colleague since 2014 in the capacity of director of the wellness program at West Coast Fertility Center in Orange County California. She played a leading role in the development of this niche program to help medical patients struggling to overcome metabolic and nutritional challenges related to infertility problems.

She has organized and implemented an educational workshop empowering patients to modify behavior, reduce stress and improve self-esteem. Elaine is artistic, creative and able to engage and motivate other co-workers and clients to reach their health maintenance goals. We are proud to have Elaine as a key member of our wellness program. “

“Being a preoperative and postoperative nurse, I’ve seen firsthand how Elaine has helped patients overcome anxiety, nerves and fears before going into the operating room. Even patients who don’t express any concerns have enjoyed Elaine’s presence, calm demeanor and guided visualizations. Some patients will even joke that they’re so calm and relaxed that they won’t need any anesthesia! Being able to relax before surgery also helps in recovery. The IVF process is emotionally, physically, mentally and financially exhausting. Having someone like Elaine helps ease the process, which is important because our mental state impacts us physically too. Elaine is a ray of sunshine at the office. We all agree that just her presence is calming. She has a special gift that can’t be taught in textbooks and that’s hard to find.”

“Elaine has a very calming and peaceful voice and personality. She does her magic with our patients before and during their stressful procedures. So I was delighted to hear that she was putting together a course that can be used anywhere you are with your smart phone. I listened and went through the beginning videos she had, and was amazed how calm and peaceful I felt afterwards. I have recommended her videos to various family members and friends, who were also pleased with their calming results.”

“As a medical assistant, I’ve witnessed the vulnerability and anxiety that many wives, husbands and families go through during IVF and have seen first hand how Fertility Fit Kit’s mind-body practices have given them comfort during this stressful time. Having gone through the IVF process herself, Elaine has an in-depth understanding of the challenges involved. I also use her stress management techniques to better assist our patients and have seen the tremendous difference it makes.”

“Elaine is hands down one of the most talented movement therapy specialists I have ever worked with! Her extensive training in modern dance, yoga and qi gong take her knowledge and expertise to the next level, and she really helps you to get in touch with the deeper aspects of your body and spirit so that things are truly aligned on every level.

As someone who works in women’s health and reproductive medicine I can see how her experience, compassion and gentle wisdom can truly shift the body and mind into a healthier more receptive, fertile place. Elaine is at the top of her field and is always a joy to work with.

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