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Fertility and IVF Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT-200), Dancer (MFA), Qigong Instructor, Online Course Creator, IVF Twin Mom


I’m a fertility coach specializing in IVF care and I help women prepare and go through fertility treatment. My mission is to help you find more peace, resilience, health, and empowerment while going through your IVF journey.

First, I want to acknowledge the courage it takes to invest in your future family through the process of fertility treatment. This commitment takes guts! If you’re currently feeling overwhelmed, I want to reassure you that you’re not alone. Let’s get the support you need to help you navigate through this challenging time.


How May I Be of Service?

Fertility Clinic Advocacy Plan

Feeling intimidated with medical jargon, your treatment plan, and or how to best communicate with your clinic? Or perhaps you panic at the thought of medical settings, procedures, and or injections?

As the former head of West Coast Fertility Center’s wellness department for seven years, I’ll help you unpack what to expect in fertility treatment, best practices to deal with medical panic, and effective ways to create a successful partnership with your medical team while making informed decisions.
Your Advocate

A Customized IVF Wellness Plan

Together we’ll build a customized wellness plan to help you prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally for fertility treatment. This multi-prawn approach will take a deep dive into lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, and your support team.
-Your Collaborator

Self-Care Tools to De-Stress

Learn and practice simple daily tools that help you manage the stress of trying to conceive and or fertility treatment. Yoga, qigong, and meditation practices are also available if desired.
-Your Mind/Body Expert

Emotional Support

Feel seen, heard, and accepted by someone who’s been both through this journey personally and who’s worked as part of a medical team at a fertility clinic for seven years
-Your Cheerleader

Where in your journey do you need to be to use my services?

Whether you’re preparing for your first fertility treatment or you’ve been through multiple cycles, you probably know by now just how stressful and tumultuous this experience can be! My goal is to support you with simple tools to help make your treatment more peaceful, calm, and empowered whether you need lots of hand holding or just some guidance and accountability.


Meet Your IVF Care Coach

Hi, my name is Elaine, and Im a fertility wellness coach specializing in IVF care.  My journey as an IVF Care Coach started long before going through fertility treatment myself. I remember being nineteen and hearing my favorite professor share how she felt like a failure as a woman because her eggs were bad. At that time I couldnt comprehend how her identity and value were tied to fertility.

At thirty-eight, I came to understand for myself how she felt. I found myself in a relationship with a man who was twenty-eight. With ten years between us, we struggled to figure out options to ensure we could have a family in the future. When that relationship ended, my unwavering desire to build a family led to a late night search on google. That search steered me to the option of freezing my eggs.

Although most fertility clinic websites and media seem to glamorize egg freezing and IVF, I found that going through the process was surprisingly stressful and anxiety ridden. However, as I found myself facing different challenges, my 20 year history and knowledge as a teacher and movement instructor became beneficial. To help me through these challenges, I created simple tools that I gleaned from my background in yoga, dance, tai chi, qigong, stress management, and public education.

During that time, I distinctly remember sitting in the clinic waiting room talking to a mother who was waiting for her daughter. She was going through her second round of egg freezing because her first attempt was unsuccessful.  Her mom shared with me how alone and ashamed her daughter felt still being single and watching her younger sister and friends having kids. Additionally, she felt a deep pressure taking on an enormous financial burden as she had decided to spend her downpayment on her future house in exchange for just a possibility of having children in the near future. It was at that moment when I realized how much help and support we all need to be able to cope with the unique stress that comes with fertility treatment. Even current research has shown that the stress levels of women with infertility are equivalent to women with cancer.

In 2015, a year after I had frozen my eggs, as I was picking up one of my friends from her own egg freezing (with the same doctor), Dr. Diaz and I struck up a conversation. We both recognized the necessity for patients to have support in managing the emotional, mental, and physical stress and obstacles of infertility and treatment. At that point, a partnership was born which has forever changed my life.

As a fertility wellness coach, Ive had the unique journey of working alongside a medical team and patients, all the while being a patient myself. In fact, when the day came that I finally sought IVF, I remember feeling dizzy as I jumped back and forth between the operating room (coaching women through their procedures), ran back to the clinic room with my husband to do an ultrasound, and then sat down with the doctor to refine our clinics wellness program.  Although I felt like a hot mess that first day, it gave me incredible insight into the intricacies and layers of what we call fertility treatment.

Like many others, my journey to parenthood was a long and challenging one. There were failures, loss, and then the eventual miracle of my twin girls at age 45. I truly believe it took a village to create my daughters, and its been my honor to be a part of that village for so many other families.

Throughout treatment, my medical team would often joke “Whos going to hold your hand?” “Ill hold it,” Id answer. But truth be told, that reassuring hand that lifted me time and time again were the mind/body practices Ive been so blessed to have had passed down to me. They helped me find calm, resilience, compassion, gratitude, and faith in the midst of uncertainty. Most importantly, Ive been so privileged to be able to share these tools to help hundreds of other women through their journeys, and I am so excited to be your partner and help make your journey more peaceful and resilient!

I look forward to holding your hand in this crazy rollercoaster of a ride.

Recent Press

“I cannot recommend Elaine enough! Going through fertility treatments is so physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially exhausting. I can say without a doubt, working with Elaine on the day of my transfer was worth every penny. Going through that process with her by my side, coaching my breathing, and encouraging me along the way was invaluable. I am forever thankful to her for helping our transfer day be a success which led to our now happy and silly toddler.”

-Emily McCourtney

What Does It Look Like To Work With Me?

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